Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Learning Disabilities and Personality Disorders

The Cause and Solution of virtually all Mental/personality disorders, Learning disabilities, and Tension-based Physical and Speech problems

The mind does not allow itself to “take in” and absorb, sensations and experiences. Instead, it panics and reacts with a violent spasmodic motion; a horribly destructive and illegitimate defense mechanism. When this behavior repeats itself countless times, the result is an acute traumatization of the whole Nervous System.

In order to reverse the damage caused by this behavior, this behavior must stop. However, it can be stopped only when it is felt. When the reaction is felt at its onset, you have the ability and control to choose not to indulge in this clamping and constricting reaction. Despite a feeling of intense fear, you would let your mind handle the challenge. This conditioning of the mind, to react properly, would gradually relax the accumulated tension as well.

The way to feel these reactions is by first calming your mind. This is done by visualizing a word displayed inside your head. When your mind is no longer able to grasp the whole word, you will shed a part of it. Most probably, you will have to continue to shed more parts from the word, until you are left with a infinitesimal dot. Eventually your mind will become calm. Once your mind is calm you can tune in with your mind, listen in and feel the tic motions that take place in the brain.

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